National VideoGame Museum trip 2022

September 5, 2022

This past weekend, we drove to Dallas for vacation and one of the places we went was the National VideoGame Museum in Frisco. I wanted to go in blindly and knew nothing about it before going. I was pleasently surprised by how much they have there, and by the majority of hands-on computers and consoles they have, that are in good working condition. Not to mention there's a nice-sized room at the end, filled with 80's (and some early-90's) arcade games, all of which were in great working order and require tokens, complete with 80's music playing. It was well worth the trip, in my opinion.

If you also would rather not be spoiled by all the following pics, then just stop here, close this browser tab, and go visit the museum. There's many other things to do in the Dallas area to make it more worth the trip.

Here's the entrance. You buy tickets for admission inside, along with tokens for the arcade. nvm entrance 01

My son looks angry, but he was actually very happy and just joking around. Too much work to ask him to smile. 😄 nvm entrance 02

The first thing you see after your admitted. A nice timeline of video-game consoles. See.. he can smile. nvm consoles 01

To the left was the really old stuff that was before my time. nvm brown box

Everyone has heard of Pong though. nvm pong 01

nvm pong 02 nvm pong 03

Neat to see many boxes for older consoles, such as the Magnavox Odyssey. nvm old 01

nvm old 02 nvm old 03 nvm old 04

Some nostalgic T-shirts nvm t shirts

nvm zork nvm misc 01

Various controllers. Out of the older ones in the top left, I only recognize ColecoVision (very top-left) and Intellivision II (3rd from top-left). nvm controllers 01

My son playing The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast. nvm typing dead 01

Video of him playing it

Going back to the consoles timeline near the museum entrance. My first console (technically my parent's) was the Intellivision. Further in the museum, they had an Intellivision hooked up to a TV and you could play two player BurgerTime on a couch, one of my favorite games for the system (and my mom's favorite game.) nvm consoles 02

I was kinda surprised not to see a Famicom , nor PC Engine, nor Super Famicom here, but you can see they have the western versions (NES, TurboGrafx 16, SNES). Later on, they do have the keyboard addon for the Famicom on display, and the museum does have other Japanese stuff as you'll see in later pictures, but it was definitely more western-baised. nvm consoles 03

Super Nintendo is still one of my favorite consoles. I love the 16-bit era in general. nvm consoles 04

The original PlayStation is another favorite of mine. nvm consoles 05

nvm consoles 06

Some of my friends had a Commodore 64, but our family had an Apple IIc instead. nvm computers 01

nvm computers 02

They had several other computers. I just didn't get photos of them. Including an Apple II with playable Karateka, which my son played a bit. I played it first in middle school typing class. 😄

nvm japan 01

They had a bargin bin of Intellivision games, but I already own some of these. Astrosmash was my first console game. Still like the Dragonfire cover art. nvm bargain bin 01

I never knew they attempted to make a computer attachment for the Intellivision. It's stuff like this that makes the trip to the museum especially interesting. nvm intellivision 01

nvm sega 01 nvm bally 01 nvm atari 01 nvm compumate 01

Here's that keyboard for the Famicom I metioned earlier. nvm famicom 01

nvm atari 02

Dragon's Lair stuff. They also had a playable (I think?) arcade unit to the right of this. I remember being amazed at the animation quality of the game, but I was never any good at it. nvm dragons lair 01

My son played around in Mario Paint for awhile, which is kinda funny, cause I kept telling him he can just do that at home (still got it). To the right of this (not pictured) was a playable Doom level of the museum itself. Impressive for how much detail it has. nvm mario paint 01

They had some collections of badges and pins. nvm badges 01

nvm pins 01 nvm pins 02

Someone at the museum likes Donkey Kong Country. It's an amazing series, but I was kinda surprised to see it as one of their main sections. nvm dkc 01

nvm dkc 02 nvm dkc 03 nvm misc 02

Earthbound, AKA Mother 2 - One of my all-time favorite games. ❤️ Also had ROB with Gyromite. nvm earthbound 01

nvm misc 03 nvm misc 04 nvm castlevania 01 nvm posters 01 nvm misc 05 nvm misc 06 nvm posters 02

Finally, here's the arcade. Sorry, some of these pictures didn't come out very well. nvm arcade 01

nvm arcade 02 nvm arcade 03

I loved Carnival back when my parents would take me to Chuck E Cheese in the early '80s. Was surprised to find an actual working unit here. nvm arcade 04

nvm arcade 05

Video of my son playing Blue Shark

My son and I got to play one of my all-time favorite arcade games, Gauntlet, together. This really made my day. nvm arcade 07

The museum still has more things I didn't take pictures of. We had a blast though. Even my wife, who isn't into video games, enjoyed it a lot.