Interview with Florence Hoseney, my grandmother

October 26, 2023

(This is an interview of my grandmother on my mom's side, Florence Hoseney, that I did about her life on April 18, 2001 for my Sociology 302 class at Northern Michigan University. My son recently got a tri-fold assignment in his gifted-students class that involves five…

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Nintendo/Apple business book reviews - October 2022

October 24, 2022

Here I discuss some books I read recently. These are all basically business related, but also video game and computer related. Reggie was best known for his successful role as COO at Nintendo of America. In his book, he goes through his early life hardship, then through each of…

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National VideoGame Museum trip 2022

September 5, 2022

This past weekend, we drove to Dallas for vacation and one of the places we went was the National VideoGame Museum in Frisco. I wanted to go in blindly and knew nothing about it before going. I was pleasently surprised by how much they have there, and by the majority of hands-on…

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Glamping trip 2022

July 29, 2022

We had our first glamping trip as a family last weekend, via It was perhaps a bad time for us to go. None of us like the extreme heat of Texas during the summer, yet we still enjoyed it. We couldn't use the fire pit due to the burn-ban, but they instead provided a…

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How to setup oh-my-posh in Windows Terminal

July 28, 2022

Updated 2024-02-26: Added instructions for oh-my-posh in git-bash in MINGW. Updated 2024-02-22: Fixed winget package name conflict. Updated Meslo nerd font to v3.1.1. Updated 2023-10-05: Added instructions for oh-my-posh in git-bash in Visual Studio. While surfing the web (do…

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Site now uses Gatsby

July 27, 2022

My websites have gone through different tech stacks over the years. First was maybe... geocities? 😊 Just kidding, that doesn't really count. Eventually, I used LEMP stack. Then my server host upped the amount of RAM available on my server at no charge, and .NET Core had just…

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