Site now uses Gatsby

July 27, 2022

My websites have gone through different tech stacks over the years.

First was maybe... geocities? 😊
Just kidding, that doesn't really count.

Eventually, I used LEMP stack.

Then my server host upped the amount of RAM available on my server at no charge, and .NET Core had just came out, so I swapped out PHP for ASP .NET Core MVC. It's no secret I love C#.

But recently, while working on my site's admin pages, I realized I have big limitations using a backend database and memcache, so I decided to use a static site instead in the form of Gatsby. It's been nice to work with and converting the site over was relatively painless.

The nice part of using Gatsby is being able to write posts in markdown, and not have to maintain a database nor tweak my custom admin pages (I don't need an admin at all anymore). My "admin" is now essentially just an editor that understands markdown. For this, I use Obsidian Note.

Both Gatsby and Obsidian Note were recommendations from @ElementCy of EAT Studios ❤️